Experience the Therapeutic Power of InMotion® Robots at REHABWEEK 2022!REHABWEEK 2022 - See InMotion Therapy

Learn how InMotion Therapy helps make the most of session time with Patients suffering from Stroke Impairments

The InMotion ARM provides 10 times the number of movements as usual care, helping the therapist advance the patient to functional therapy. 

Some InMotion® Therapy Benefits

  • Reduction of: Pain, Subluxation and/or Tone
  • Increased Passive and Active Range of Motion (PROM and AROM) 
  • Increased muscle strength
  • Improved attention to the affected lim

Come visit BIONIK at booth TBD at REHABWEEK and see first-hand how InMotion technology can help your patients experience greater hope and achieve more functional reach and grasp.


We're looking forward to seeing you in Rotterdam


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