May 2022 - AHA Cites Robotic Therapy as Valid Option for Treating UE Stroke Impairments!InMotion Threapy and InMotion Connect

"Robotic therapy is reasonable to deliver more intensive practice for individuals with moderate to severe upper limb paresis". 

Robotic therapy works. Yet how to effectively manage this technology in your clinic or across your health system?

InMotion Therapy -with- InMotion Connect

  • InMotion Therapy is a powerful tool for PT's, OT's and SLP's to treat a wide range impairments in both Inpatient and Outpatient settings.
  • Easily monitor therapist & patient engagement with InMotion Connect to ensure adoption and utilization.
  • Leverage BIONIK clinical support for education and training
  • See the InMotion Special Report to understand how effective InMotion Connect is at increasing InMotion Robot utilization 

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